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We offer solution and services to express every occasion by allowing customer to craft perfect gift every time. This service is limited to five cities of Pakistan which are : Karachi, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Larkana and Sukkur. We are open to accept any Branded/Local product such as: Cloths, Perfumes, Leather Products, Toys, Delicious Cakes, Fresh Fruit or any perishable or non-perishable goods. You like to gift your loved ones order us now, we will make it with special care from packing to perfectly deliver as you want.


also find some most liked products ordered by international and Pakistani customers. Whether it’s a Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Eid ul fitr, Eid ul adha, New Year, Independence Day, Ramadan Kareem, Roza Kushai, Baby born gifts, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Promotion at work or any occasion you want to celebrate.

Wahid Solution Company committed to express perfectly the way you like to gift your loved ones.

(Offer Free Same-day Delivery)


Making it convenient for our customers, best quality MANGOES IN A GIFT BOX PERFECTLY DELIVERED.
• Premium Quality
• Hand-picked
• Carbide-free

Suprise box

EWS63 Rs.2,999/-
Air balloon with 20 rocher chocolates bouquet inside box


Balloon Bouquet

EWS64 Rs.1,999/-
Seasonal Imported Flower inside Rose Balloon Bouquet

Chocolate Bar

EWS65 Rs.2,500/-
Kit Kat and Dairy Milk chocolates mix bar bouquet


Chocolate Bouquet

EWS66 Rs.2,500/-
A perfect Mix of Flowers with 10 Chocolate sticks inside bouquet.


Frame Customised

EWS62 Rs.1,650/-


Magic Pillow

EWS61 Rs.1,450/-

Customised Gift

Offer customised gift for every occasion on order


Magic Mug

EWS60 Rs.1,250/- For Karachi Only


Customised Cake

Rs.900/- per LBS


Chocolate Fudge Cake

EWS19 Rs.2,250/-

14 August Picture cake

Picture Cake

EWS64 3-4lbs Rs.3,995/-


Chocolate Malt Cake

EWS20 2lbs Rs.2,250/-

Pineapple Cake

EWS08 1lb Rs.1050/- EWS09 2lbs Rs.1,650/-

Black Forest Cake

EWS12 1lb Rs.1050/- EWS09 2lbs Rs.1,650/-

Red Velvet Cake

EWS34 2lbs Rs.2,250/-

Ferrero Rocher Cake

EWS45 2lbs Rs.2,295/-

Classic Brownie

EWS55 4pcs Rs.1,250/- within Karachi

Delicious Cup Cakes

EWS58 6pcs Rs.1,600/- within Karachi

Fresh Muffin Cupes

EWS56 6pcs Rs.900/- within Karachi

Tarts in Falvours

EWS57 6pcs Rs.1,250/- within Karachi

Fresh Mix Mithai

EWS44 1KG Rs.1,450/-

Ferry Rose 18pcs

EWS17 Rs.1,295/-

Nan Khataee Almond

EWS36 350GM Rs.1,150/-

Truffino Truffle Gift

EWS24 Rs.1,695/-

Truffle Milk

EWS61 135GM Rs.1,650/-

Truffle Chocolate

EWS62 135GM Rs.1,650/-

danisa butter cookies

EWS60 350GM Rs.1,250/-

Elit Chocolates Gift

EWS25 170G RS. 1800/-

Blessed Bouquet

EWS43 Rs.2,150/-

White Signature Bouquet

EWS41 Rs. 2,150/-

Bright Day Bouquet

EWS42 Rs. 2,150/-

Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

12 (dozen) Ferrero EWS46 Rs. 2,095/-

Seasonal Flower Bouquet

EWS16 Rs.1,500/-

Red Rose Bouquet

EWS36 Rs.1,100/-

Chocolates Rose Bouquet

12 (Dozen) Chocolates In Red Roses Bouquet EWS35 Rs.1,800/-

Combo Deal

Red Roses Bouquet & Black Forest Cake 2lbs EWS33 Rs.2,299/-

J. Essence For Her Perfume 100ml

EWS52 Rs.3,750/-

express gifts by wahid solution perfume limited time offer 1 (1)

France Perfume JE t'aimE means ''I Love You''

EWS59 Rs.1,050/- Limited Time offer in A Gift box

Davidoff Cool Water For Her Perfume 100ml

EWS50 Rs.4,850/-

Express Gifts By Wahid Solution Waseem Akram - Delivery service in Karachi hyderabad and Sukkur gift to your loved ones

Waseem Akram 414 For Him Perfume 100ml

EWS53 Rs.4,350/-


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